Getting rid of unwanted items

I woke up this morning at 4:30AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I did what any normal Mother would do at this hour and started cleaning. Not right away of course, I mostly tried to force myself to go back to sleep, but when that didn’t happen I started cleaning.

Anyway, I decided that it would be a good time to go through my kitchen items and get rid of things I don’t need or want, which involved mainly duplicates of things and plastics. Since I’m trying to live a plastic free life, this is a small baby step to get there. There is a great facebook group in Ottawa called Freecycle Ottawa which is where the majority of my unwanted articles go. Other times, I post on Kijiji where I scour the ads looking for people that are in need of things.

So much of what we have in our homes never gets used and ends up in storage, either in the basement or in our closets. My parents are hoarders. Organized hoarders, but hoarders none-the-less. It’s nice because once in a while I’ll be needing something and I know that I can probably go to them and they will have it, but I look at their home with all of the unused things inside of it and it motivates me to continue down my own path.

This process of getting rid of things and downsizing has been ongoing for the last year, but I reckon a few more 4:30AM mornings and freecycling will make the process much quicker.

20150217_A dream lived greener getting rid of unwanted items and plastics


– Dream Greener


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