Keep your circle full of love and crafty people

I’ve slowly been telling my little circle of friends that I’m striving to live this zero waste lifestyle and while it’s not for everyone, they definitely support me in my efforts.

So much so, that one of my besties has made me these super cute mesh bags that I will use to shop and store my produce in:



And one of my other girl friends (Lady Arkenstone – Quirky Vintage and Decor) has offered to make me pads. Yup. Those kinds of pads. I’m obviously going to get the Diva Cup, but for the lighter days these will be perfect.

IMG_6182 reusable panty liners ottawa dream love grow dream lived green zero waste

I have another friend who has two children who is also doing zero waste. She’s been DIYing for a while and making her own products like soap and sunscreen and she’s discovered that she can make almost everything so we’ll be DIYing together. Both of us have been thinking about this for years, but now we’ve pumped each other up about striving to live a zero waste lifestyle.

When you’re doing something like this, it’s important to have support and you’re pretty lucky if you not only have a group of crafty people around you but you have the right people around you that will love you no matter what changes you go through.

– Dream Green 

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