No poo for your hair

UPDATE: June 27, 2015 – Shampoo and Conditioner Recipe found HERE.  No poo means to me, that it is not the traditional shampoo that you know of. And this is obviously relative because it depends who you are reading this and what your methods are. Basically, no poo is shampooing without commercial shampoo. Regardless of theContinue reading “No poo for your hair”

making space and imaginary worlds a reality

For those of you that have been following my blog (thank you so much by the way), you know that I’ve been minimizing at the same time as moving towards a zero waste lifestyle. I’ve been really fortunate that during the minimizing process that I haven’t had to throw anything out, but instead I have foundContinue reading “making space and imaginary worlds a reality”

Home-made Deodorant & Dish Soap

It’s your lucky week. I’m posting again! It must be Spring. Side note, I always thought Spring was the 21st? People keep telling me today is Spring and I’m in denial because I’ve always been a 21st kind of girl, but maybe it’s because I was going by Astrological signs. Whatever. I’ve been using home-madeContinue reading “Home-made Deodorant & Dish Soap”

The secret to owning less

Well there are a few secrets actually. I’ll fill you in. 1) The obvious. Buy less. Incredibly hard in a world that shoves it down our faces. I’m guilty of it as an entrepreneur although I’m working towards a world that eventually I won’t need to do that. 2) Want less. Don’t go filling your voidContinue reading “The secret to owning less”

One month ago!!!

Can you believe how fast time flies?! It’s March 15, which means that in two days it will be a month that I started this journey. One month of change. One month of downsizing and decluttering. One month of researching and finding solutions to live a zero waste, plastic-free and minimal lifestyle. One month of lettingContinue reading “One month ago!!!”