Where will you sleep?

My queen size bed is gone now. I have my futon and my son’s single bed. Looking at my home now, I can safely say I could fit my belongings in 2 rooms.

It makes me feel happy.

When I told people I was going to get rid of my bed, naturally they asked me “Where will you sleep?”

My couch turns into a bed. It’s not as luxurious as my queen, but trust me I can sleep anywhere. Most of the time my couch remains in couch position and I pass out on it with my son in my arms.

Much like the rest of the things I have parted ways with, I was hesitant to get rid of my bed. Will I miss it? What does it matter anyway? Two days after telling my friends what I wanted to do, one of my best friends came over and helped me bring the mattress to the dumpster. The bed frame was given away to a man who’s bed was broken.

I was even more excited knowing I’d never have to move that big bed again. Or take it apart and put it back together because we all know we love putting together IKEA furniture.

Even though I am committed to a minimal lifestyle, the main reason I wanted to part with my bed was because of the energy it carried with it. My marriage. Past relationships. I decided that I want no past negative memories or past energies in my home other than that of my own and my close friends with their art work and photos that hang on my wall.

That same day I gave away a shelf that was sitting on top of another shelf and also another plastic drawer unit full of my girly things.

I realize that this process is more than just me letting go but rather it feels like me starting over. It feels like a new life is beginning for me.

And my sleep feels fantastic.

Update: 20/08/2015: I still sleep on this futon, with a memory foam on top. It’s just the right hardness and softness. If that means anything.

Photo credit: Becoming Minimalist
Photo credit: Becoming Minimalist

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2 thoughts on “Where will you sleep?

  1. I’m finding following your journey really interesting. Your description of negative energy really resonates with me; not necessarily in regards to anything so serious but I have a lot of clutter and junk left over from my teenage years that to be honest I could just do with getting rid of. I just need to discover the ruthless side of me!

    Also, although I am a very new follower I have been massively enjoying reading your blog so I have nominated you for A Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger Award. No pressure 😉

    1. Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope that you do find the ruthlessness in you and say goodbye to things you don’t need. It took me a long time to get rid of notes from high school, from old best friends, love letters from high school boyfriends and even now I am still working on letting go of things from my marriage.

      It helps that I create a little ceremony for these things that I let go of and simultaneously send love out to those people because regardless of whether they are in my life now, they have shaped me and touched my life in a way. So I say thank you and goodbye at the same time. I am blown away that you would nominate me. I have no idea who to nominate but I will do my best to get to that post soon. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you keep writing as well. 🙂

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