zero waste munchies

  Happy Sunday folks. Not sure what the weather is like where you are right now, but here it’s sunny, windy, chilly, warm, cloudy and that was in the last 5 minutes… but all in all nice. There’s a lot I want to write about but I’m going to continue with my Sunday chill moodContinue reading “zero waste munchies”

Say what? Floss in glass bottles?

The same day I do a post about not being able to find floss that is not in plastic, I find floss that is not in plastic. Ah Universe, you’re a funny and beautiful thing. Apparently Johnson and Johnson used to put nylon floss in glass with a metal top. That image you see withContinue reading “Say what? Floss in glass bottles?”

How to brush your teeth Zero Waste

Hi lovelies, Happy Wednesday to you! It took a whole lot of searching but I’ve finally found a toothbrush I am happy with. First things first, ordering the darn things. I searched high and low in the city of Ottawa for a bamboo toothbrush and came up with one from Terra20. Unfortunately the whole thing isContinue reading “How to brush your teeth Zero Waste”

Month 2! Questions from you and Answers from me

Bonjour mes amis autour du monde. I hope this finds you well. I am celebrating two months of “Zero Waste” and plastic free today! The minimal thing is doing ok as well but it’s my art room that is giving me panic attacks. More on that later. For now, this: I was tagged by Waste-FreeContinue reading “Month 2! Questions from you and Answers from me”

An attempt at a Zero Waste birthday party

My baby boy just turned three. Three days before his birthday I finally decide that I’ll have a birthday party. That is not a lot of notice. So why did I wait so long? Because I was fearful of the outcome. Birthdays, like most events come with a whole lot of planning, a whole lotContinue reading “An attempt at a Zero Waste birthday party”