And the nominees are…

Hi friends of the interweb. How are you all feeling right now?

A while back this wonderful person whom I have never met but probably would be friends with in the real world: The Trans-Atlanticsisterhood commented on my blog and for some crazy reason nominated me for both the Versatile Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. While I was surprised (and also wondering if this was some sort of a joke), I understand that it is a compliment and in essence a gift, and when you receive either one the correct response is to say:


There are rules to this (I have no idea who started this), but here they are:






Thank you, The Trans-Atlanticsisterhood, for reading my blog. You should know you motivate me to write.


1) I have moved over 29 times in my life, a few times across the country and across the world

2) I recently tattooed a heart on my own ring finger as my own “wedding” ceremony. A reminder that I need to love and commit to myself and my own needs first and no one else can do this for me, but me.

3) Years ago I read the entire Twilight series in less than a week and was determined to find a vampire who could bite me and make me turn into one. I told my friends I was going to go in all of the alleyways late at night until a vampire found me. They told me that wasn’t a good idea for obvious reasons. Oh, and I believe mermaids and fairies are real.

4) My whole life I have struggled with depression and often I would feel envious of people who can just be happy all the time without struggle. My friend Charlie (RIP) was one, the best example of real happiness and what a strong family love can do for a person. Trust me, I completely understand how beautiful Life is but much like all of my art forms, I work extremely hard to stay both positive and happy every single day.

5) I have not owned cable T.V. since I first left home at age 14

6) I have somewhere over 16 journals/diaries/adventure notebooks

7) My ultimate dream is to become a millionaire/billionaire so I can spend my entire Life helping people in need and do Love Projects all of the time.


When I first got nominated I had no idea who I could nominate because I had literally just started this blog. But recently I was invited to be a part of a Zero Waste Bloggers Network group by a woman name Inge, and because they are all inspirational to me I nominate all of them. Yes, I realize there is more than 15 but I’m a rebel like that and this is my way of sharing with you all of them:

1) Inge (OR, USA) –
2) Kimberly (CA, USA) –
3) Stefanie (DE) –
4) Ashley (TN, USA) –
5) Rachelle (UK) –
6) Caroline –
7) Stephanie (CA, USA) –
8) Lauren (NY, USA) –
8) Olga (DE) –
10) Andrea (CA, USA) –
11) Verena (DE) –
12) Lindsay (AU) –
13) Erin aka Esme Rhodes (AU) –
14) Heather (US) –
15) Verena (DE) –
16) Michelle (US) –
17) Karen (UK) –
18) Ariana (FR) –
19) Carly (CA) –
20) Éa (FR) –
21) Katja (DE) –
22) Joanna (PL) –
23) Julie (Paris, FR) –
24) Hanna (Munich, DE) –

And the very last rule:

Done and done.

I don’t really know what happens after this but happy reading everyone!


Published by Mailyne

Owner of DLG Media. Founder of A.R.T. in Action. Philanthropist. Environmentalist. Activist. Photographer. Video Producer. Writer. Artist. Mama.

3 thoughts on “And the nominees are…

  1. How awesome! Thanks so much! I especially love your very first point: I have moved over 29 times in my life, a few times across the country and across the world. I can say the same thing about me and you’re the very first person I’ve ‘met’ who can say the same. Usually people look at me with great disbelief.


    1. Yay Inge! I’d like to think we’re both professional packers and unpackers 😉 I’d love to sit down over coffee with you one day and talk about where we’ve moved.

      1. Haha, absolutely! Do you also get this feeling when your living at one place pretty long that something has to change? After staying in one city for 2 years, I get this constant nagging that tells me, I want to check out something new 🙂 Coffee-chats are my favorite!!

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