How to have a meeting in a coffee shop Zero Waste style

As an entrepreneur I have a lot of meetings and most end up at the coffee shops. I don’t normally frequent these places outside of meetings and usually I try to plan my meetings at small, local cafes like The Daily Grind or Raw Sugar. However, most of my clients like to choose the bigger name coffee shops, like today. (I have a half hour in between meetings so I thought I’d be even more productive and do a post). On a day like today where I haven’t been home, have back to back meetings and I’ve eaten all my food I brought with me with one more on location job left, often I just end up getting something where I am. Not always ideal, but at least the meeting expense is a write off.

Anyway, since I do this often enough, I thought I’d share some tips on how to have a meeting in a coffee shop zero waste style:

1) Bring your own mug. Always. Mine has a rubber top and I think I got it at Home Sense 3 years ago.

Most places only have sugar in packets but will have milk/cream in a jug so if you know you’re going to one of these places:
2) Bring your own sugar or milk/cream in a small container

If you’ve forgotten the sugar at home:
3) Try drinking your coffee with only milk/cream and get a small sweet to eat with it instead.

If you’re going to drink tea:
4) Bring your own tea bag/tea holder and ask for hot water. Or if you have a compost and you order there, leave your tea bag in your mug until you get home where you can compost it.

If you want to order food:
5) Order something without packaging. Unfortunately most of the wraps and sandwiches are wrapped in plastic so I can never eat those. So you can usually order a baked good, or today I had a spinach pastry. Ask them to make it to go and they’ll put it on a plate. Avoid the napkins and you’re all set!

If you don’t want anything from the shop and don’t have a crazy schedule, just remember to bring your water bottle and a snack. Consume this before your meeting. I’ve only ever brought in snacks/drinks of my own if I know my clients are ordering something and the meeting is 3 hours. It’s not good etiquette to bring in your own food to a coffee shop (I admit I’ve done it). Normally, I aways have a 40oz. Klean Kanteen full of water which was gifted to me during my baby shower and always pack a snack like an apple or home-made muffin.

Got any other tips or advice? Share below!

Happy Meetings!

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