How 4 months of Zero Waste has affected my life

Hey lovelies, How are you all doing? I hope you have all been well and happy. I am a bit behind in posting my jar of waste, but such is life and here I am now. Last week on the 17th marked the end of the 3rd month and the start of the 4th monthContinue reading “How 4 months of Zero Waste has affected my life”

Zero Texts, No Waste Mother’s Day

Update: August 20, 2015 – Zero Texts attempt has been a fail, but I’ve greatly limited text time. Hi lovelies. First things first, to all of you Mom’s in the world, to all of the moms at heart – Happy Mother’s Day. I hope your day was as beautiful as everything that makes you, you.Continue reading “Zero Texts, No Waste Mother’s Day”