zero waste laundry detergent

I’ve waited quite a few loads before attempting to dump this knowledge on you. I wanted to make sure it worked first, and the short answer is yes. Before I go on, I’ll explain to you that I have sensitive skin and have a long history battling eczema, basically since before high school. Something about premature andContinue reading “zero waste laundry detergent”

Going on 7 Months: Lessons Learned Travelling as a Social Outcast.

First of all, travel, unless you’re walking or biking is not Zero Waste. Oil is the largest pollutant on the planet and we humans driving around in our fancy cars (mine’s not so fancy) is horrible for the environment. Just look at the Alberta tar sands. Not to mention all of the war because ofContinue reading “Going on 7 Months: Lessons Learned Travelling as a Social Outcast.”