holidays and the new year (plus a video)

Hey lovelies, Can you believe another year has gone by? It’s crazy. I feel like I just wrote out my goals yesterday. Which by the way, I barely scratched off any of my goals and no where on there did it say anything about going zero waste. All this to say that goals are just guidelines,Continue reading “holidays and the new year (plus a video)”

merry everything, happy always

May your hearts be full, may laughter fill your ears, may silence sit in your heart reminding you of peace and may, even for a moment, all your woes be gone as you look upon the world seeing all that you already have, breathing in, breathing out. – Mai Sharpie on paper “Magic Pen Effect”

going on 11 Months | What’s new?

Tomorrow is the 17th of December. I’m 11 months and going strong. Let’s just dive right into it shall we? 1) SOAP NUTS My friend gifted me these soap nuts that are meant for laundry. (I love her). 4 nuts are good for 10 loads. She gifted me 8 nuts, so a total of 20Continue reading “going on 11 Months | What’s new?”

what? buy nothing challenge and veggienism??

After my completely depressing previous post (HERE), I thought maybe I should continue being my complete humanness and share some other, more positive, learnings. I decided I would create more challenges for myself, because why not, and because of my last post, I decided I want to try living on less (yes, even less than what IContinue reading “what? buy nothing challenge and veggienism??”

Ignorance is not bliss and what zero waste has done to me

  Years ago one of my initial inspiration’s for starting Dream Love Grow was because I was horrified at all of the news. I wanted to find good things in the world and welcome them in and not really pay attention to the media because it wasn’t positive. I thought well, I just don’t want toContinue reading “Ignorance is not bliss and what zero waste has done to me”