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Tomorrow is the 17th of December. I’m 11 months and going strong. Let’s just dive right into it shall we?

20151215_110246 zero waste ottawa

My friend gifted me these soap nuts that are meant for laundry. (I love her). 4 nuts are good for 10 loads. She gifted me 8 nuts, so a total of 20 loads. I do our laundry every 2 weeks so  this will last me almost all year. Here’s some info about them with some links on where to buy in Canada if you don’t know: http://www.orgownic.com/soapnuts.htm

And more links to buy some in Canada HERE. Or order where my friend orders: well.ca

Will I switch back to my homemade laundry detergent? No. Once again, another thing I can’t believe I didn’t know about sooner.


20151216_160324 zero waste ottawa


To replace plastic wrap. I ordered a giant flat from Life Without Plastic and then cut them into three. 1 large and 2 small pieces. You can simply wipe these down and keep reusing them. Life Without Plastic delivers with no plastic packaging and they use paper tape. Also, this is the same place where I also get my Binchotan charcoal water filter. I am not super pumped that they are in the States, but the other place that is Canadian, No Plastic (https://noplastic.ca/) didn’t sell them.

Everything stays fresh. They are easy to use and super durable feeling.
This is the company it’s from Abeego, and their care instructions.


1449864836000 zero waste ottawa


I ordered these in April from Senzacare on Amazon and I love them. It feels way more normal to be brushing my teeth with wood. It didn’t even take long to pull the bristles out. I just used tweezers. The next ones I’ll order though will have a kids size. We’re currently finishing off my son’s plastic toothbrush and then we’ll switch to bamboo toothbrushes completely. I ordered 12 and split them with my friend.


I love this razor. I’m so comfortable using it now. It comes with 5 extra blades. I haven’t changed the blade yet since getting it in June so this will pretty much last me a few years before having to spend money for it.


zero waste ottawa toothpaste


My old toothpaste was only 3 ingredients. This one has more, but by choice. I was told by a natural medical professional that coconut oil and baking soda were great for my teeth – just not together (because it counteracts) and that I should brush first with the baking soda and second with the coconut oil. Then I heard about Xylitol, a 100% natural sweetener, being great to use as toothpaste because it helps prevent cavities so I went to work creating a new toothpaste.

Toothpaste Ingredients:

  • xylitol
  • baking soda
  • himalayan sea salt
  • cinnamon

You don’t need all of it, you could just use baking soda and xylitol – I was experimenting with flavours and cinnamon actually is great for your teeth.

Right after that, I swish with my mouthwash.

Mouthwash Ingredients: 

  • Coconut Oil
  • Peppermint Oil

If I’m leaving the house or am still getting my kid and things ready to go, I (sort of) oil pull and spit it out in my compost or outside. If I’m going to bed and am lazy, I’ll put a tiny bit on my tongue and coat my teeth. Doing this part helps to seal your teeth.

Think of the toothpaste as your shampoo and water – opens up your hair enough to wash out all the oils and pollutants and the mouthwash as your conditioner – closes up your hair and seals it all smooth to help prevent dirt and crap from getting in.

So there ya have it. Have any of you made any changes?

going on 11 months zero waste ottawa
P.S. I’m also not perfect and ordered some stuff from Amazon that came in plastic that is not included here because it went to my parents house and that garbage stayed at their place. What I would do in the future is mail the packaging back with a letter. Thanks to my new buy nothing challenge, I may not get a future chance.

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9 thoughts on “going on 11 Months | What’s new?

  1. This is awesome! So cool that you’ve been zero waste for almost a year, I’m not even close to that point yet. Every bit counts I suppose, but I’ve definitely got work to do haha. I’m looking to purchase a reusable razor soon, any tips?

  2. I’m a bit confused… I thought Life without Plastic was located in Wakefield, QC, just north of the Gatineau Park, not in the US…

    1. Annabel, you are correct, I made an error in my writing. The Binchotan filter is ordered from the States. Life Without Plastic’s head office is in Canada but you can not go to a showroom or pick up anything from that office. They do have a warehouse in the States.

  3. You can now get the soap nuts @ Bulk Barn across Canada! They sell them in bulk, so it really helps towards zero waste.

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