Filtering water without plastic

ATTENTION!!! ***I’ve updated the title of this post to say “Filtering” rather than “Purifying.” Please note that the charcoal does not purify the water, it simply filters it. If you’re camping or you need to purify your water, this will not purify it. You will need to find something else that can purify the water,Continue reading “Filtering water without plastic”

because when you change, so does your entire world | a deeper note

I woke up at 5am this morning. Winter has gotten into my bones a little but I remain mostly positive. Being positive is a practice. Accepting all of your emotions is like daily meditation. It’s like going zero waste. You do it, you falter a little, but you stay gentle to yourself and keep going.Continue reading “because when you change, so does your entire world | a deeper note”

the truth about styrofoam and bottled water| Wheels For Wishes

The other day someone contacted me sharing these infographics about styrofoam and bottled water. Two things I haven’t touched in years. We can never educate ourselves enough right? I thought they were really well done and a little bit of spooky timing since someone else had also spoken to me about how to find a wayContinue reading “the truth about styrofoam and bottled water| Wheels For Wishes”

Going on 12 months | teeth, hair and more updates

Hey lovelies, Firstly, can I just say thank you for all of the kind words that I’ve received over the last week or so? I think sometimes we need reminders as humans that we are on the right journey and that the decisions we make, can have an impact and not only inspire but perhapsContinue reading “Going on 12 months | teeth, hair and more updates”

You got the Questions, I got the answers

  Hey lovelies, Let’s not waste time shall we? People ask me questions all the time. I might as well share *some* of them here and give you answers. P.S. In month 2 I answered more questions. READ HERE.       What do you use the beeswax for?  ANSWER: I use it for aContinue reading “You got the Questions, I got the answers”