You got the Questions, I got the answers

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Hey lovelies,

Let’s not waste time shall we? People ask me questions all the time. I might as well share *some* of them here and give you answers.

P.S. In month 2 I answered more questions. READ HERE.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste




What do you use the beeswax for? 


I use it for a few things. I make things like healing salves and lip balm with it, but I’ll be exploring it for cosmetic use, like eyeliner in the future because I am a creative person that needs to try everything at least once. I also use something called beeswax wrap as an alternative to plastic wrap. I bought mine on Life Without Plastic from Abeego. I also tried to make my own with a friend and decided it wasn’t worth the mess or time. Some things I can DIY, but not this in my tiny kitchen with a crazy toddler.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste




I was wondering if the bulk store offered you a discount on the price you pay on food purchased since it is weighed in your own jars and that would make the price be food +jar weight? Just curious

The jars get weighed beforehand and then the weight of it is deducted from the cost of the bulk item. My main concern is that often it can cost more than the standard item bought in a packaged container. Which makes people not want to buy in bulk. (Prices can also be competitive among bulk stores).

Other people have mentioned that stores need to upgrade to discount those that have their own containers. Many non “zero wasters” still bring in their own jars. Once again, it’s a small step.

But much in the same way that we receive a discount for bringing in our own bags, we should actually get one for bringing in our own jars. It’s just not asked for enough, but maybe I could petition that.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste




Where did you get your compost pail? How do you find it compared to plastic or compostable containers?

I actually got mine at Wal-Mart, though it’s not my ideal store of choice and can count on one hand how many times I’ve been there this year. 

What I did like about it, is that it had no packaging on it, it has a carbon filter and it’s metal.

I live in building that doesn’t have compost solutions so I never got a plastic one that most homeowners can get from the city and I try to avoid plastic period. I choose metal because it lasts longer and doesn’t leach chemicals into the food waste. My compost goes to my friends or parents homes where it actually gets used in their garden.

I really don’t use compostable containers unless I know they are from recycled material and unbleached. I just learned that a lot of compostable containers don’t get processed in Ottawa because of the PLA they use to coat it. That goes for compostable bags etc because studies have shown that it can take years to break down so I just avoid it. The only “plastic” I do compost is from my binchotan charcoal filter and bamboo toothbrushes, because those sleeves are made of wood pulp and it did biodegrade in the compost after 2-3 months.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste



Do you own a car? If so, do you try to make every trip count or sometimes use public transportation?

Yes I do drive. I have had my car for 3 years now, paid for in cash for $800. I’m looking for a new car currently, but I’ll try to drive my car until it won’t go anymore and then sell it for parts. I won’t ever buy new or lease a car. And if I wasn’t self-employed with equipment to carry around from job to job, as well as needing transportation to drop my son to and from daycare, I probably would use Virtucar. However, when I shop, I try to do things all on one day and in the warmer months, I walk to the stores. But I mainly use my car for work related purposes.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste



What do you do for that time of the month?

A diva cup. When it’s really heavy I use the diva cup and a reusable pad. You can wear it for up to 12 hours. I’m also a planner so if I know I’m leaving the house I empty it right before I leave and make sure I know where I can use a bathroom if I need to. I carry a reusable pad with me, extra underwear, a cloth napkin and a wet bag, which is basically just a bag with water proof material that is meant for storing wet items.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste




Do you use toilet paper?

Yes, Moka. I get mine from a natural food store. It’s wrapped in paper. The packaging is made from recycled material just like the tissue itself. You get used to the feeling after a while, just like you get used to bringing your reusable bags everywhere. I then use the paper packaging to line my compost pail with so it goes back into the earth. At some point, I may compost the tissues used for number 1’s but maybe when I have a composting toilet and my own tiny home.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste




What did you do for baby diapers?

Before I started zero waste my son was still in diapers. He wasn’t potty trained at night yet, but he was fine during the day. I used up the last of my diapers and then switched to cloth for at night. It was definitely more work, but I’d soak the dirty cloth diapers in water and vinegar if he wet them in the morning and then after, hand wash them and hang to dry. I alternated between 3 of them. A month into zero waste he was completely potty trained at night. If I was blessed with another child, I would use only cloth diapers. I know some parents used disposables for when they went out. Maybe I would do that too? I won’t know until the time comes.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste




Do you make your own soap?

I do not. My dear friend makes soap and I get it from her. Before her though, I would get Dr. Bronner’s. It’s castile soap and you can find it wrapped in paper at a natural health store or if you want to go the bulk route, they have huge jugs. As a bar, I would break it up, melt it and mix it with water – the instructions are on it. It’s concentrated so you don’t need much of it meaning it will last you a while.

zero waste ottawa how to be zero waste




So are you happier now?

Yes! Other than the odd waste from before going ZW, I never have to go to the dumpster or put my garbage outside because I don’t need to. I proved that I could do it to myself and I committed.


Do you have any other questions for me?
Feel free to hit me up!

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  1. I’m happier being zero waste too! My husband has noticed that minimalism has also done good things for my anxiety.

  2. Question
    What do you use on your hair in terms of daily or periodic grooming such as shampoo, conditioner, and/or? Do you make your own?

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