on the road realities and finding peace

Look. Let’s be honest here. I could never be the poster girl for zero waste like Bea J. or Lauren can. My blog isn’t all roses to make you think I’m perfect, as I’m sure you’ve realized reading through my shenanigans. I’ve dissed restaurants when I was completely frustrated, which is totally not nice. I’ve questioned myContinue reading “on the road realities and finding peace”

Living in the Philippines? 10 Tips For Reducing Your Waste

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re snuggled up at home and enjoying the peace and quiet that winter brings. Unless you’re somewhere warm, then know that I am envious of you. Especially if you’re back in the PI, there’s nothing I miss most than warm air, palm trees and ocean. But even with such a beautifulContinue reading “Living in the Philippines? 10 Tips For Reducing Your Waste”

1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of zero waste. FYI: I had planned on writing yesterday, but spending time with someone special was well… more important. Anyway. Living zero waste been one of the largest challenges I’ve given myself because let’s face it, it’s hard to stick with something especially when it’s going against the grain.Continue reading “1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned”

What I eat in a day as a Zero Waster

Food. I eat food. And it depends on the day. Because sometimes I do a whole lot of cooking and sometimes I am PMSing and lazy and I eat french fries and poutine. And pizza. You’d be amazed at how many things I enjoy “normally” just because I ask them nicely to put it in myContinue reading “What I eat in a day as a Zero Waster”

8 Tips for a Planning a Zero Waste Event

Events can be extremely wasteful. As fun as they are. And I think it may be because of the changes I’ve made in my life (hm, you think?) but I can’t seem to help my brain from automatically assessing and analyzing ways to be less wasteful, whether I’m in a restaurant, at home, at my groceryContinue reading “8 Tips for a Planning a Zero Waste Event”