How this egg made me turn Vegan

Ok. So here’s where a few of my followers can either say, ‘I told you so,” or “Welcome!” I’m ok with either. Look. I needed to get here on my own time. Back in January I made the switch from being a flexitarian to a vegetarian. And although I struggled with it and I wasn’t exactlyContinue reading “How this egg made me turn Vegan”

Updates, a ZW birthday and why I won’t write here again

It’s 3am. My app just told me sunrise is in 3 hours. I have a confession to make, though you may already be getting prepared for it: I won’t be writing here as much. I have a post to do about my families soup and then after that I either may appear here once orContinue reading “Updates, a ZW birthday and why I won’t write here again”

What I learned from travelling to Chicago

Hi again. I should be sleeping. I have had some kind of insomnia since coming back from my trip, but maybe it’s been my whole life and I just think it’s normal. I found out someone close to me passed away. There has been quite a lot of that, but this one feels more… you know.Continue reading “What I learned from travelling to Chicago”

What I use instead of saran wrap

I know that I mentioned this in passing on my 1 year zero waste recap, but I figured I’d devote a blog to it since I couldn’t be anymore exciting in life. And I know you probably already know this because of all this zero waste knowledge being poured out into the world, so ifContinue reading “What I use instead of saran wrap”