What I learned from travelling to Chicago

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Hi again. I should be sleeping. I have had some kind of insomnia since coming back from my trip, but maybe it’s been my whole life and I just think it’s normal.

I found out someone close to me passed away. There has been quite a lot of that, but this one feels more… you know.

Mrs. D aka Mama Bear. She gave birth to someone who carries the other half of my memories for over 20 plus years. A lot of my memories were in their home. And I could go and describe my infinite emotions, but I won’t, because the only reason why I’m writing right now is because I don’t understand what I’m feeling and there are so many thoughts running through my head that I need to just focus on something.

Something else.

So here I am. I’m going to tell you 5 things I learned from travelling to Chicago. I went to go visit one of my best friends. She’s lived there over 5 years and I finally, only now, managed to make it to see her. It takes a while to bank enough cake to spend those dollars on a flight. Trust that I know how much it actually costs, for me and the environment, so every trip and every second is really appreciated. Even if I slept little and despite being on “vacay,” worked my mental muscles hard.

When you can work anywhere, work comes with you everywhere. It’s a blessing but you need to know when to stop and be strong about it.

So 5 things.

USA (One):
Don’t include the knives from your zero waste kit in your carry-on.
They take those away real quick and look at you weird. I mean – wtf kind of person in this day in age travels with a steak knife in their bag? And metal straws. Those are straws, I say. Mmmhmm. They reply as they slowly give me back my things staring at me in my eyes. Probably to make sure I’m not crazy.

The good thing is once they’ve gone and taken the knives through the first security, you won’t have to deal with it again. I now have lost my only steak knife I own, and probably won’t bother to get another one again…

Which brings me to,

DUHA (Two):
Always take the blade out of your reusable aka “old school” razor as one security officer called it. But know that you will always be asked to take it out and show them that it is in fact blade-less. The funny thing is, every time I was asked to take it out, they always started with “I know there’s no blade on it, but can I see it anyway?”

I knew there were places in Chicago to buy blades when I arrived. The other option is just to not shave.

TULO (Three):
People in Chicago don’t know what composting is.
Or so I’ve been told. But apparently they do. I mean, I found these resources:

Explore How You Can Compost in Chicago
Compost Club
Healthy Soil Compost – on bikes!!!
Green City Market – A compost center, plus MORE resources for home compost pick-up, drop-off and creating finished compost on your own

UPAT (Four):
In Chicago most of the stuff that is in your home recycling ends up getting chucked out. Apparently if you put cardboard in the recycling, it gets thrown away because you’re supposed to drive it to the other end of the city and bring it to a specific location. But just like composting, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  So I researched it.

Here are a few resources:

How to Recycle in Chicago
What Goes in Your Recycling Bin
City of Chicago Residential Recycling Drop Off Center
Recycling Cardboard as a Business

If you’re from Chicago, how do you do it? Please comment below.

LIMA (Five):
Chicago is beautiful.
Visiting Chicago made me want to bring parts of it back to Ottawa with me, like the transportation. It’s awesome. It’s easy to get around. The bus system is simple and the subway is not just efficient but fun. Even walking was fun! It’s so exciting! Or maybe that’s just the child-like wonder in me. I pretty much feel that way anywhere, even in Ottawa. Everywhere is just ridiculously beautiful.

And that sums that all up. Five fun facts.

Ok. I feel better.

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday party and then the funeral. A funny juxtaposition to have in one day.

Right now, I’m going to go reflect on Life, listen to music and let go of the fact that pretty much anything work related is not as important as taking care of my mind and my heart.

I’ll make sure tomorrow that I tell my Mom I love her.





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  1. In Northbrook, a Chicago suburb. I have a tumbler and a worm bin. The worm bin I keep in the garage and it comes in handy when there is too much ice on the compost tumbler. We are trying to get composting pickup for village residents.

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