three good truths

three good truths:

truth 1) Last night (Saturday) while I was filming a wedding, an amazing wedding planner in Ottawa came up to me and told she saw my article in the Ottawa Citizen and she said that now whenever she throws anything away she thinks of me and wants to stop creating so much waste.

truth 2) For the first time (last night too) I had a mature conversation with someone who ate meat and who was genuinely curious as to why I wanted to be Vegan. It was a conversation with no arguments, just an open mind and open heart – the both of us. He asked questions, gave me typical scenarios like what I’d do if a bear was going to kill me, shared his viewpoints and opinions and we just talked. I simply shared my truth, my reasons and even my failings without ever once saying he should be a Vegan. How could I judge you I said, when I was the exact same way not too long ago? By the end he told me he wanted to try it.

truth 3) My son is obviously influenced by my life choices of not producing waste but after I went Vegan he was adamant about eating meat. I never pressured him or forced Veganism on him and he’d eat meat and dairy when he was out or with other family members.

As someone who cares about the environment and is in the position of teaching, it is my responsibility to educate, so when he’d ask questions I’d answer truthfully or we’d watch kid-friendly videos from Bite Size Vegan and have discussions about having love and compassion for others, including animals. To my complete surprise, about a week ago in front of my Dad (who by the way is a HUGE meat lover and kind of, sort of thinks boys should eat meat no matter what), told me he wanted to be Vegan. I asked him if he was sure and that I would love him no matter what he chose to eat. He is sure. If he wants to be a Vegan all I can do is support that.

What I learned through these three truths, is that the only thing you can do in this world is be completely yourself and be true to your own values and morals. Others may be inspired. Others may ridicule. Others may completely disregard what you’re saying, but the only thing you can do is follow your compass, walk your own path and be not afraid of what others think or say because you never know what can come of it. You can never expect anyone to change because of you but you can simply stand in the truth of who you want to see yourself becoming and support anyone else who chooses to walk with you.

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