INTERVIEW: Soap For Sale, the soap-making process

**Just a note: This is a post transferred from our other site written on June 20, 2016** Hey everyone! I wanted to give a little bit more background into the wonderful world of our soaps that we sell here, handmade by our permaculture, nature loving Mama aka Jodi aka Soap For Sale. When I first went no ‘pooContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Soap For Sale, the soap-making process”

DIY Chocolate Tooth Powder (Without Coconut Oil)

June 11, 2016 CHOCOLATE TOOTHPASTE **Update (January 24, 2017) – I did purchase Tom’s of Maine toothpaste once, since writing this. I was dropping my son off at a weekend babysitter and completely forgot his toothpaste at home so I purchased it on the way. I now alternate (for my son and myself) between Tom’s and aContinue reading “DIY Chocolate Tooth Powder (Without Coconut Oil)”

Cashews everything around me…. cheese! | Easy Cashew Cheese Recipe with Sun-dried Tomatoes

**This is an older blog post transferred here. I no longer really consider this “cheese” so much as just a dip but it is still SO DELICIOUS. June 20, 2016: After my first fail of making spreadable, meltable “cheddar” cheese, I thought I’d given up all hope. I said, I’m never making cheese again! IContinue reading “Cashews everything around me…. cheese! | Easy Cashew Cheese Recipe with Sun-dried Tomatoes”

Oh hello! It’s 2017 and here’s whats up.

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve last written. I hope you all have had a happy holiday and new year, now that it’s long gone. As always, cutting straight to the point. Here are a few things that have changed in the last few months: I’m not technically “single” anymore. It’s not aContinue reading “Oh hello! It’s 2017 and here’s whats up.”