About the E-Store


A Dream Lived Greener started off as a blog project to live a zero waste lifestyle by an artist and social entrepreneur, Mailyne Briggs. In February 2015, she flipped her life completely by deciding to get rid of her garbage can and reduce her waste and consumption drastically.

Her zero waste journey made her more aware of the enormous amount of waste being created by society’s traditional ways of living and she began discussing with her friend Jodi (who was practicing similar values), about the need for a local initiative.

The two wanted alternative solutions that could reduce their carbon footprint, be kinder to the environment and also be packaged plastic-free, but they had a hard time finding anything in the city. They decided they needed to do something about it, so together, A Dream Lived Greener became a way to offer an alternative, waste free and plastic free solution for others.

Jodi Wilson is a Mother of 2 beautiful children.
She owns and operates Soap For Sale, which is all of the soap that you find on this site.

Mailyne Briggs is a social entrepreneur and artist with an adorable son. She owns Dream Love Grow and is also co-founder of a non-profit called A.R.T. in Action.



  • To source sustainable products and support small and local businesses
  • To provide products that are free of plastic and plastic packaging
  • To provide fair and reasonable prices well below the current market asking price