1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of zero waste. FYI: I had planned on writing yesterday, but spending time with someone special was well… more important. Anyway. Living zero waste been one of the largest challenges I’ve given myself because let’s face it, it’s hard to stick with something especially when it’s going against the grain.Continue reading “1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned”

How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars

On behalf of the lovelies who have e-mailed me with this similar question – here is how I buy bulk food with glass jars where I live. The one exception being: Bulk Barn. Please sign this petition started by Kathryn so we can kickstart Bulk Barn into letting consumers bring their own jars. Pssst. BulkContinue reading “How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars”

Filtering water without plastic

ATTENTION!!! ***I’ve updated the title of this post to say “Filtering” rather than “Purifying.” Please note that the charcoal does not purify the water, it simply filters it. If you’re camping or you need to purify your water, this will not purify it. You will need to find something else that can purify the water,Continue reading “Filtering water without plastic”

How to do your research on what you’re buying and what a vendors ethics are

I was over at my friends house the other day. She has a business making baby clothing and offering sewing and embroidery services, Happiness is Handmade. A long time ago we had discussed me designing a print that could be made into a custom fabric and she could create a little girls outfit with it andContinue reading “How to do your research on what you’re buying and what a vendors ethics are”

Going On 9 Months | 8 ways to Grocery Shop Update

Hey lovelies, October 17 marked the beginning of my 9th month. I could have had a baby in this time period. But instead I chose to give birth to a whole new me. Well, I’m not a whole new me, but I have changed. In reality we all are changing. Every day. Our skin cellsContinue reading “Going On 9 Months | 8 ways to Grocery Shop Update”