some final thoughts on zero waste

I can’t sleep. Nothing new, really. There have been many changes since I last wrote. For example, I don’t have my own home anymore. I’m sort of sleeping in between two places with most of my belongings stored in one. I feel like I’m sort in limbo and I need to feel okay with that. I’veContinue reading “some final thoughts on zero waste”

happy strawberry moon | learnings of the Self

First of all, I need to express my thanks to everyone who still continues to read this blog and thank you for those of you that are joining me on my other blog/online store. That site is where I post recipes on everything Jodi and I make and I talk about what we use andContinue reading “happy strawberry moon | learnings of the Self”

Updates, a ZW birthday and why I won’t write here again

It’s 3am. My app just told me sunrise is in 3 hours. I have a confession to make, though you may already be getting prepared for it: I won’t be writing here as much. I have a post to do about my families soup and then after that I either may appear here once orContinue reading “Updates, a ZW birthday and why I won’t write here again”

1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of zero waste. FYI: I had planned on writing yesterday, but spending time with someone special was well… more important. Anyway. Living zero waste been one of the largest challenges I’ve given myself because let’s face it, it’s hard to stick with something especially when it’s going against the grain.Continue reading “1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned”

Going on 12 months | teeth, hair and more updates

Hey lovelies, Firstly, can I just say thank you for all of the kind words that I’ve received over the last week or so? I think sometimes we need reminders as humans that we are on the right journey and that the decisions we make, can have an impact and not only inspire but perhapsContinue reading “Going on 12 months | teeth, hair and more updates”