You got the Questions, I got the answers

  Hey lovelies, Let’s not waste time shall we? People ask me questions all the time. I might as well share *some* of them here and give you answers. P.S. In month 2 I answered more questions. READ HERE.       What do you use the beeswax for?  ANSWER: I use it for aContinue reading “You got the Questions, I got the answers”

VIDEO: My Zero Waste life featured by Exploring Alternatives

About a month or so ago I received an e-mail from a woman from Ottawa who wanted to interview me for their YouTube channel called Exploring Alternatives. Turns out I actually knew her from back in the day when I worked at a hair salon downtown right across from where she worked, Market Organics. IContinue reading “VIDEO: My Zero Waste life featured by Exploring Alternatives”

going on 11 Months | What’s new?

Tomorrow is the 17th of December. I’m 11 months and going strong. Let’s just dive right into it shall we? 1) SOAP NUTS My friend gifted me these soap nuts that are meant for laundry. (I love her). 4 nuts are good for 10 loads. She gifted me 8 nuts, so a total of 20Continue reading “going on 11 Months | What’s new?”

More tips for dining out and the 5 R’s

I posted this a while ago on my Instagram about how I try not to eat out a lot but that I feel like I’m becoming way better at dining out zero waste. A previous post covered it but here’s an update. 5 more tips I have are: 1) Bring your own take away containerContinue reading “More tips for dining out and the 5 R’s”

7 ways Ottawa businesses can be less wasteful or… more like California.

As a Zero Waster I notice when people are producing garbage and I notice when things can be less wasteful. It’s not my fault, it just happens… and even when I am not intending to create guilt, people have this overwhelming guilt flash across their faces when they throw something out in front of me.Continue reading “7 ways Ottawa businesses can be less wasteful or… more like California.”