Simple 2 Ingredient Eyeliner

    June 01, 2016: I did it! I finally made my own eyeliner, and it’s vegan!  It was really easy. I have no idea why I procrastinated for about a month before finally making this. Here’s how: INGREDIENTS: 1/4 tsp (or 4 capsules) Activated Charcoal Distilled Water (I just used filtered, filtered by my Binchotan CharcoalContinue reading “Simple 2 Ingredient Eyeliner”

INTERVIEW: Soap For Sale, the soap-making process

**Just a note: This is a post transferred from our other site written on June 20, 2016** Hey everyone! I wanted to give a little bit more background into the wonderful world of our soaps that we sell here, handmade by our permaculture, nature loving Mama aka Jodi aka Soap For Sale. When I first went no ‘pooContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Soap For Sale, the soap-making process”

some final thoughts on zero waste

I can’t sleep. Nothing new, really. There have been many changes since I last wrote. For example, I don’t have my own home anymore. I’m sort of sleeping in between two places with most of my belongings stored in one. I feel like I’m sort in limbo and I need to feel okay with that. I’veContinue reading “some final thoughts on zero waste”

10 Facts I’ve learned About Myself

My birthday passed (a while ago) and I didn’t say much to anyone. I think a handful of people wished me happy birthday and that was perfect enough for me. My parents forgot and so did my brothers. But that’s how we are. Since we’ve grown up, the only birthday anyone cares about is myContinue reading “10 Facts I’ve learned About Myself”

How I got all of this food for nothing

It’s not new. It’s not a secret. In fact it is quite common: dumpster diving. All of this free food you see above, was free. I finally fulfilled one of my goals in life: to go diving into a dumpster and see what the fuss was really all about. A few weeks back I wasContinue reading “How I got all of this food for nothing”