three good truths

three good truths: truth 1) Last night (Saturday) while I was filming a wedding, an amazing wedding planner in Ottawa came up to me and told she saw my article in the Ottawa Citizen and she said that now whenever she throws anything away she thinks of me and wants to stop creating so much waste. truthContinue reading “three good truths”

happy strawberry moon | learnings of the Self

First of all, I need to express my thanks to everyone who still continues to read this blog and thank you for those of you that are joining me on my other blog/online store. That site is where I post recipes on everything Jodi and I make and I talk about what we use andContinue reading “happy strawberry moon | learnings of the Self”

Updates on Life as a Zero Waste Vegan

I’ve finally had a minute to not be lazy and actually write a post. I mainly need to just get something off my mind here. I’ve been Vegan for almost a month and it hasn’t been easy because not only have I gone Vegan, I realize that I have to be gluten-free too otherwise IContinue reading “Updates on Life as a Zero Waste Vegan”

My Mom’s soup

I promised a reader that I would share what my mom put in her soup every week when I was growing up as a kid. In one of my posts I made a comment about my mom not wasting any food and turning it into soup every weekend. So I’m here to share what wentContinue reading “My Mom’s soup”

How this egg made me turn Vegan

Ok. So here’s where a few of my followers can either say, ‘I told you so,” or “Welcome!” I’m ok with either. Look. I needed to get here on my own time. Back in January I made the switch from being a flexitarian to a vegetarian. And although I struggled with it and I wasn’t exactlyContinue reading “How this egg made me turn Vegan”