What I eat in a day as a Zero Waster

Food. I eat food. And it depends on the day. Because sometimes I do a whole lot of cooking and sometimes I am PMSing and lazy and I eat french fries and poutine. And pizza. You’d be amazed at how many things I enjoy “normally” just because I ask them nicely to put it in myContinue reading “What I eat in a day as a Zero Waster”

Why I rubbed coffee grinds in my hair

Wait for it. Wait for it. OK you can wait for it. First, let me explain. I never would have imagined I’d be writing about rubbing coffee grinds (used ones) in my hair. I mean, c’mon, have your coffee first. I know coffee grinds are good for so much and used for many things, butContinue reading “Why I rubbed coffee grinds in my hair”

The feels, ramblings and doing alright

You guys. I was cranky today. Anyway.   I’m a sensitive soul. I have way too many feels. I want a lot of things to change in this world. I want to accomplish a lot and at the same time I want to hide away in my hole and see no one and do nothing.Continue reading “The feels, ramblings and doing alright”

How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars

On behalf of the lovelies who have e-mailed me with this similar question – here is how I buy bulk food with glass jars where I live. The one exception being: Bulk Barn. Please sign this petition started by Kathryn so we can kickstart Bulk Barn into letting consumers bring their own jars. Pssst. BulkContinue reading “How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars”

Filtering water without plastic

ATTENTION!!! ***I’ve updated the title of this post to say “Filtering” rather than “Purifying.” Please note that the charcoal does not purify the water, it simply filters it. If you’re camping or you need to purify your water, this will not purify it. You will need to find something else that can purify the water,Continue reading “Filtering water without plastic”