How 4 months of Zero Waste has affected my life

Hey lovelies, How are you all doing? I hope you have all been well and happy. I am a bit behind in posting my jar of waste, but such is life and here I am now. Last week on the 17th marked the end of the 3rd month and the start of the 4th monthContinue reading “How 4 months of Zero Waste has affected my life”

Say what? Floss in glass bottles?

The same day I do a post about not being able to find floss that is not in plastic, I find floss that is not in plastic. Ah Universe, you’re a funny and beautiful thing. Apparently Johnson and Johnson used to put nylon floss in glass with a metal top. That image you see withContinue reading “Say what? Floss in glass bottles?”

How to grocery shop Zero Waste

Since starting this, I have slowly been making my way around the city to all the bulk, green and natural, local stores. It is funny how there isn’t one store that I have found yet that has everything that I need in one place. Anyway, yesterday I was at Whole Foods on Bank St. (weContinue reading “How to grocery shop Zero Waste”

How this affects my art

So I’m still awake after having woken up at 4:30AM today. I was a little in shock after discovering the majority of items that I own in my kitchen alone that are plastic and that I actually don’t use. I have accumulated 4 bags of items that I do not want or need or use andContinue reading “How this affects my art”