10 Facts I’ve learned About Myself

My birthday passed (a while ago) and I didn’t say much to anyone. I think a handful of people wished me happy birthday and that was perfect enough for me. My parents forgot and so did my brothers. But that’s how we are. Since we’ve grown up, the only birthday anyone cares about is myContinue reading “10 Facts I’ve learned About Myself”

How I got all of this food for nothing

It’s not new. It’s not a secret. In fact it is quite common: dumpster diving. All of this free food you see above, was free. I finally fulfilled one of my goals in life: to go diving into a dumpster and see what the fuss was really all about. A few weeks back I wasContinue reading “How I got all of this food for nothing”

on the road realities and finding peace

Look. Let’s be honest here. I could never be the poster girl for zero waste like Bea J. or Lauren can. My blog isn’t all roses to make you think I’m perfect, as I’m sure you’ve realized reading through my shenanigans. I’ve dissed restaurants when I was completely frustrated, which is totally not nice. I’ve questioned myContinue reading “on the road realities and finding peace”

What I eat in a day as a Zero Waster

Food. I eat food. And it depends on the day. Because sometimes I do a whole lot of cooking and sometimes I am PMSing and lazy and I eat french fries and poutine. And pizza. You’d be amazed at how many things I enjoy “normally” just because I ask them nicely to put it in myContinue reading “What I eat in a day as a Zero Waster”

How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars

On behalf of the lovelies who have e-mailed me with this similar question – here is how I buy bulk food with glass jars where I live. The one exception being: Bulk Barn. Please sign this petition started by Kathryn so we can kickstart Bulk Barn into letting consumers bring their own jars. Pssst. BulkContinue reading “How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars”