10 Truths About My Zero Waste Life

What’s up lovelies. It’s been a while. I’ve been busy trying not to be overly busy while simultaneously trying to fulfill my dreams, like registering our non-profit (A.R.T. In Action)!!! Just a side rant here. I want a life full of meaning. I want to be patient about the things I want to accomplish andContinue reading “10 Truths About My Zero Waste Life”

Challenges, changes and things I’ve learned

It’s been about two weeks now since I’ve started the journey to zero waste and it really hasn’t been easy. Last week I was able to purchase only a few things that I had to throw out: 1) Receipts (I keep forgetting to say no and I feel bad not taking it. Get over this.)Continue reading “Challenges, changes and things I’ve learned”