Updates, a ZW birthday and why I won’t write here again

It’s 3am. My app just told me sunrise is in 3 hours. I have a confession to make, though you may already be getting prepared for it: I won’t be writing here as much. I have a post to do about my families soup and then after that I either may appear here once orContinue reading “Updates, a ZW birthday and why I won’t write here again”

on the road realities and finding peace

Look. Let’s be honest here. I could never be the poster girl for zero waste like Bea J. or Lauren can. My blog isn’t all roses to make you think I’m perfect, as I’m sure you’ve realized reading through my shenanigans. I’ve dissed restaurants when I was completely frustrated, which is totally not nice. I’ve questioned myContinue reading “on the road realities and finding peace”

Living in the Philippines? 10 Tips For Reducing Your Waste

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re snuggled up at home and enjoying the peace and quiet that winter brings. Unless you’re somewhere warm, then know that I am envious of you. Especially if you’re back in the PI, there’s nothing I miss most than warm air, palm trees and ocean. But even with such a beautifulContinue reading “Living in the Philippines? 10 Tips For Reducing Your Waste”

7 ways Ottawa businesses can be less wasteful or… more like California.

As a Zero Waster I notice when people are producing garbage and I notice when things can be less wasteful. It’s not my fault, it just happens… and even when I am not intending to create guilt, people have this overwhelming guilt flash across their faces when they throw something out in front of me.Continue reading “7 ways Ottawa businesses can be less wasteful or… more like California.”

Going on 8 Months and my inner ramblings

I’m going on 8 months now and there has been so much “what the f***” in my life that I don’t even know where to start. I was in a relationship and now I’ve wisely taken a step back. So I have learned what it was like to be zero waste with someone. When you areContinue reading “Going on 8 Months and my inner ramblings”