My Mom’s soup

I promised a reader that I would share what my mom put in her soup every week when I was growing up as a kid. In one of my posts I made a comment about my mom not wasting any food and turning it into soup every weekend. So I’m here to share what wentContinue reading “My Mom’s soup”

8 Tips for a Planning a Zero Waste Event

Events can be extremely wasteful. As fun as they are. And I think it may be because of the changes I’ve made in my life (hm, you think?) but I can’t seem to help my brain from automatically assessing and analyzing ways to be less wasteful, whether I’m in a restaurant, at home, at my groceryContinue reading “8 Tips for a Planning a Zero Waste Event”

The feels, ramblings and doing alright

You guys. I was cranky today. Anyway.   I’m a sensitive soul. I have way too many feels. I want a lot of things to change in this world. I want to accomplish a lot and at the same time I want to hide away in my hole and see no one and do nothing.Continue reading “The feels, ramblings and doing alright”

How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars

On behalf of the lovelies who have e-mailed me with this similar question – here is how I buy bulk food with glass jars where I live. The one exception being: Bulk Barn. Please sign this petition started by Kathryn so we can kickstart Bulk Barn into letting consumers bring their own jars. Pssst. BulkContinue reading “How to Buy Bulk Food With Glass Jars”

You got the Questions, I got the answers

  Hey lovelies, Let’s not waste time shall we? People ask me questions all the time. I might as well share *some* of them here and give you answers. P.S. In month 2 I answered more questions. READ HERE.       What do you use the beeswax for?  ANSWER: I use it for aContinue reading “You got the Questions, I got the answers”