What I use instead of saran wrap

I know that I mentioned this in passing on my 1 year zero waste recap, but I figured I’d devote a blog to it since I couldn’t be anymore exciting in life. And I know you probably already know this because of all this zero waste knowledge being poured out into the world, so ifContinue reading “What I use instead of saran wrap”

going on 11 Months | What’s new?

Tomorrow is the 17th of December. I’m 11 months and going strong. Let’s just dive right into it shall we? 1) SOAP NUTS My friend gifted me these soap nuts that are meant for laundry. (I love her). 4 nuts are good for 10 loads. She gifted me 8 nuts, so a total of 20Continue reading “going on 11 Months | What’s new?”