10 MONTHS – Thinking Outside the Box

I made it this far and I feel like it’s only the beginning. Every day going out into the world is challenging because what I’m trying to get away from, there’s so much of. I’m surrounded by it. This world I love and the people I love, we all do it. Consume. Produce. Waste. TheContinue reading “10 MONTHS – Thinking Outside the Box”

10 Truths About My Zero Waste Life

What’s up lovelies. It’s been a while. I’ve been busy trying not to be overly busy while simultaneously trying to fulfill my dreams, like registering our non-profit (A.R.T. In Action)!!! Just a side rant here. I want a life full of meaning. I want to be patient about the things I want to accomplish andContinue reading “10 Truths About My Zero Waste Life”

Going on 8 Months and my inner ramblings

I’m going on 8 months now and there has been so much “what the f***” in my life that I don’t even know where to start. I was in a relationship and now I’ve wisely taken a step back. So I have learned what it was like to be zero waste with someone. When you areContinue reading “Going on 8 Months and my inner ramblings”

Dining Out Zero Waste in Ottawa | A Restaurant Guide

I almost always make my own food for breakfast, lunch and dinner but about twice a week, we’ll treat ourselves, whether it’s just for beers, a dessert or a meal. I’ve always been a big foodie and while I have yet to try all restaurants in Ottawa (aiming to only try those local – I hateContinue reading “Dining Out Zero Waste in Ottawa | A Restaurant Guide”