REVIEW: Revolucia’s Eco-Femme Washable Pantyliners

  As part of our Summer Giveaway in partnership with @greenrevolucia, we’re giving away three brand new Eco-Femme panty-liners, 1 metal straw with brush cleaner and a charcoal infused bamboo toothbrush. All you have to do is make sure you like us on Facebook and leave a comment below with how you try to reduceContinue reading “REVIEW: Revolucia’s Eco-Femme Washable Pantyliners”

Mattress pick-up in Ottawa

Hey Ottawans, Recently I had to go through the process of getting a new mattress and discarding the old one. We had a king-size mattress that we wanted to save from the landfill and donate because it was in good condition so I called around. To no avail, no companies would pick it up becauseContinue reading “Mattress pick-up in Ottawa”

7 Tips For a Zero Waste Business

Hi lovelies. I hope you are all well. Receipts. One of the things that I can’t shake in business. Alternatives I have sourced are: 1) Complaining to my accountant 2) Taking pictures of my receipts 3) Scanning my receipts 4) Googling alternatives to keeping business receipts and then instead of finding solutions, reading about how someContinue reading “7 Tips For a Zero Waste Business”

Keep your circle full of love and crafty people

I’ve slowly been telling my little circle of friends that I’m striving to live this zero waste lifestyle and while it’s not for everyone, they definitely support me in my efforts. So much so, that one of my besties has made me these super cute mesh bags that I will use to shop and store myContinue reading “Keep your circle full of love and crafty people”