INTERVIEW: Soap For Sale, the soap-making process

**Just a note: This is a post transferred from our other site written on June 20, 2016** Hey everyone! I wanted to give a little bit more background into the wonderful world of our soaps that we sell here, handmade by our permaculture, nature loving Mama aka Jodi aka Soap For Sale. When I first went no ‘pooContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Soap For Sale, the soap-making process”

holidays and the new year (plus a video)

Hey lovelies, Can you believe another year has gone by? It’s crazy. I feel like I just wrote out my goals yesterday. Which by the way, I barely scratched off any of my goals and no where on there did it say anything about going zero waste. All this to say that goals are just guidelines,Continue reading “holidays and the new year (plus a video)”