VIDEO: I answer high school students Q’s

A little while ago I was contacted by a few educators at Cairine Wilson High School to discuss reducing waste. I’ve been there to speak a few times about the subject of waste, but because I couldn’t come in during the specified day I was asked to create a video answering a few questions that the students had. So with some help and the little time I have, I managed to pull this together.

The questions were:

1) Was it hard to change your lifestyle?

2) Do you find this lifestyle time consuming?

3) Where do you buy toilet paper or other items that are usually wrapped?

4) How do you make toothpaste? What’s your recipe?

5) How do you keep up your routine without slipping up and using products that have waste?

6) Have you tried to convince friends and family to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle? Have you been successful?

7) Do you drink milk? Do you eat meat? If so, where and how do you purchase those items?

8) Do you think your child will choose the same lifestyle when he grows up?

9) Do you ever print anything on paper for your work? If you do, does that count as waste?

10) How do you travel from one place to another?

11) Is there food you no longer eat because of the way it’s packaged?

Zero Waste A’s to Q’s from high school students from Dream Love Grow on Vimeo.

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