Say what? Floss in glass bottles?

20150422_123213-a-dream-lived-greener-dental-floss-johnson-and-johnsonThe same day I do a post about not being able to find floss that is not in plastic, I find floss that is not in plastic. Ah Universe, you’re a funny and beautiful thing. Apparently Johnson and Johnson used to put nylon floss in glass with a metal top. That image you see with their branding is just a slip of paper tucked into the bottle.

I bought this box of 10 at high jinx, a social enterprise in Ottawa that helps the vulnerable community. Basically if you are down and out, need food, a place to stay, need dishes, furniture or a shoulder to lean on, these two ladies are it. They will help you in anyway they can. And I mean any way. They are like two angels overlooking the city selling vintage, unique items.

The love they have for the community that they help and simply call their “neighbours” and what they are able to give back, is beautiful. My son and I went in there the other day to say hello to one of the ladies, Leigh and chat about bringing a free art workshop to the neighbours. Before leaving for the meeting I looked on their site and saw this floss on their page.

Say whaaat?? Those babies are mine.

So we went, hung out and I scooped up these glass vials. I seriously wondered why don’t they make these things anymore, but the answer is obvious. Costs more. Every single floss I’ve found is in plastic packaging. There are beeswax based floss like this, and even Dr. Tung offers a greener one in a biodegradable container but all come with plastic packaging. Also, I’m kind of weary about what biodegradable means to some companies. Anytime I see that I always ask the company how long it would take to biodegrade and under what conditions does it need to be? 14ft under piles of garbage in a landfill probably mean it won’t be biodegrading any time soon.

So, while nylon isn’t the best solution and most flosses are covered in petroleum, teflon and synthetic wax (wtf?) – until I figure out a better solution, I will have to keep flossing my teeth with it. (I could do what one woman I know does, and use my own hair haha – you know who you are and I love you). I really care about my teeth and I am not covered by any insurance so dental bills can be costly. On the plus side I have been saving any and all floss I use because, well, I’m an artist and have to figure out something to do with it that can be appreciated rather than tossed in the landfill.

The struggles with Zero Waste floss and artistry continue…

Happy Friday you guys!

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8 thoughts on “Say what? Floss in glass bottles?

    1. haha thanks for reading my post – if you do try string, let me know! I had a friend tell me she considered soaking string in coconut oil and flossing with it…

  1. Late to the game, here (I just discovered this blog and can’t seem to stop reading), but I don’t understand why flossing with string – such as 100% cotton or hemp, quickly run through beeswax – would be a bad idea. Could someone explain? What was J & J’s glass bottled floss made of?

    1. Hey Yoko – actually I haven’t perfected the art of flossing. J & J’s that I found is really old and vintage and is standard cotton coated with wax but not made up of synthetic, minty stuff that is used nowadays. If you find the floss that is 100% cotton or hemp covered in beeswax that also doesn’t come packaged in plastic – I would love the link! Actually, once I’m done writing this, I may look that up. For now, I’m just using up what I have and then finding a better option.

      1. Hello Mailyne! Regretfully, I have no link to offer. But how difficult would it be to make it at home? One spool of organic thread, some beeswax (could be a block, a candle, lib balm – whatever your local health food store offers) and… voila! Instant, make-as- you-go, non-toxic floss, for a lot less than any ready-made product. Plus, should you ever suffer a power failure or a bad case of dry lips, you’re covered! 😉

      2. Wow I’m for sure going to attempt to make that. I already have the beeswax. I know working with beeswax can just get super messy, much like when my attempt to make beeswax wraps went all wrong.
        Thanks Yoko! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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