Hosting Your Own Wedding On A Budget | Guest Article from Tidy Home

Hosting Your Own Wedding On A Budget   He popped the question, and you said ‘yes.’ Now all you have to do is plan the wedding, but funds are tight and you both want something really special. What can you do? It’s time to host your own wedding. Setting The Budget Once you know yourContinue reading “Hosting Your Own Wedding On A Budget | Guest Article from Tidy Home”

3 ways to gift-give waste free

In the spirit of today being another day that the world tries to make you feel like you need to give presents and buy stuff just so that people feel loved and important, and make you feel guilty for not doing so (Happy Valentine’s Day!) – I thought I’d share three ways to give wasteContinue reading “3 ways to gift-give waste free”

A mini interview by Sidney Weiss

Sidney is in their third year of journalism at Carleton University and was working on the zero waste movement in Ottawa. They reached out to me to ask me a few questions about the lifestyle. Thank you Sidney! Just a note: while Jodi and I would love to be able to connect and meet withContinue reading “A mini interview by Sidney Weiss”

Mattress pick-up in Ottawa

Hey Ottawans, Recently I had to go through the process of getting a new mattress and discarding the old one. We had a king-size mattress that we wanted to save from the landfill and donate because it was in good condition so I called around. To no avail, no companies would pick it up becauseContinue reading “Mattress pick-up in Ottawa”

Hair Care Regiment | An answer for Shannon

A reader of mine, a mother of 2 asked me to discuss my hair care regiment because she is where I was months ago. And you know what Shannon, I have to be honest with you. Although I am pretty content with my hair now, there are days where I still want to cut myContinue reading “Hair Care Regiment | An answer for Shannon”