The Edgy Moose bowl cover – GIVE-AWAY!


Hey everyone, if you haven’t been following on Instagram you may not have known about our give away for this beautiful fabric bowl cover, made by The Edgy Moose Designs.

  • Medium fabric bowl cover, will fit up to an 8” diameter bowl,
  • secures around your bowl with an already sewn in elastic.
  • perfect for covering fermentation, rising dough, potluck casseroles, fruit bowls, chips and dip and breadrolls
  • Reusable, washes in washer and dryer

All you need to do is go like both The Edgy Moose and us on Instagram and tag a friend to be entered to win.

If you’re not an Instagram person, then simply comment below or share this post on Facebook – make sure you tag us so we know you’ve done it!

Contest closes tonight (Friday, February 16 @ midnight) and is open to anyone in North America.

Good luck!



What I use instead of saran wrap

beeswax wrap dream love grow

I know that I mentioned this in passing on my 1 year zero waste recap, but I figured I’d devote a blog to it since I couldn’t be anymore exciting in life. And I know you probably already know this because of all this zero waste knowledge being poured out into the world, so if you’re bored or doing the “yeah, yeah whatever” thing – just move along.

So what do I use instead of saran wrap?
Beeswax wrap. For you hardcore vegan and bee lovers, I’m sorry. I really do care about the bees and you can trust I won’t be buying this again just because I don’t need to ever buy it again. (Also – factory farmed bees are treated shitty. Go local and small).

Anyway. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in a position in the last year where I needed saran wrap so to be honest, it may be something that you actually don’t need. Just keep note on what you think you’d need it for. If you’re a saran wrap junkie, you may consider switching.

Normally I just put any leftovers in my mason jars. And if you took a look in my fridge you’d think we never ate anything because there’s hardly anything in there. Could be because I learned well from my Mama, but we try really hard not to waste food. Everything gets eaten the next day or gets turned into something else or at the very least, gets frozen to be turned into the weekly soup. I can remember weekend soups made with the weeks leftovers growing up as a kid. And I swear to this day, they are the best soups I’ve ever eaten.

But seriously, my fridge. This is my fridge normally, and even this is kind of “full.”

dream love grow dream lived greener zero waste ottawa

Anyway, I got my beeswax wrap from Life Without Plastic but I think you could find some at Terra20 and I recently discovered I can get something similar from Mother Earth Natural Health. I think the only issue with Terra20 was that it came in plastic and at MENH, it was more like a paper thing but I wasn’t really paying attention so you could just call.

With these wraps, I wouldn’t recommend wrapping meat unless you plan to use it only for meat and the meat has already been cooked. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done it but it’s been said that the meat juice can stay in the pores of the wrap and that itself sounds disgusting.

You can wash these wraps and reuse them. I’ve had my giant flat, which I cut into three pieces and gave one away, for almost a year. You only need the heat from your hands to make them seal to glass or around things. I’ve wrapped bread in them. Covered a half cut melon. I’ve covered a glass container that had no lid with this. I’ve used it over a bowl once. And that’s about all the times I’ve ever used it. Funny how life is when you don’t make garbage.

Also, you can be brave and try to make it yourself like this Mommy did. The cloth needs to be thin and for zero wasters, choose 100% cotton muslin. Also, be prepared to make a mess. Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures, beeswax melted down is a bitch to clean up and because you’re using nature’s precious gold, I’d recommend you make sure you know what you’re doing so you don’t waste a drop.


Zero Waste Week: Making plantable paper from paper

20150907_214204 dream lived greener

Before realizing it was Zero Waste Week, I took it upon myself to make my own paper, just to see if I could. Now that I know it’s Zero Waste Week, I figured what better way to honour it. I recently photographed a wedding where the bride and groom had chosen place cards that were plantable: they sprout wild flowers when buried in the ground.

And this is how the process of inspiration began:

  1. Sunday I photographed the place card and immediately made a mental note to see where the local printers are so I could have some test printed.
  2. Monday evening, after sourcing a few Canadian printers like Botanical Paperworks (in Winnipeg) I immediately wondered, if I could just make this myself.
  3. An hour later, I was scouring YouTube and came across Paper Alice (video HERE), who explains everything and even sells her own paper-making kit. After realizing she makes her own kit, I wondered if I could make my own.
  4. After immediately jumping out of bed and searching for whatever I had, I found a silkscreen I had kicking around and got out my blender.
  5. Nate had an empty box of plastic wrap that he finished from his tattoo supplies and I had a bunch of scrap paper kicking around that was going to end up in recycling. So I cut it all up, dunked it water and made that ish into paper pulp.
  6. Then I saw this tea bag he had used (from a tea he had bought) and immediately exclaimed that this tea bag wasn’t zero waste because of the staple and the string, but I took it all apart and dumped the contents of the tea bag into the paper pulp. It smelled like maple and green tea. I then added scraps of veggies from the sink, like beets and carrots and kale.
  7. Then I got super excited and reminisced on when I was a kid making paper in school.
  8. Then I mixed it all up and made paper! I won’t get into the process because it was an hour long learning process and so much happiness and frustration happened, but I now have an 8×10 piece of cardstock that can be composted and ready for turning into business cards. I’ve decided I’m going to hand write the few that I’m making rather than print with it, but you can actually send this through the printer.

Things I learned:

  • Depending on the thickness of the paper you want, you may want to use less paper pulp and choose different paper scraps. I wanted mine to be sturdy for business cards so I used cardboard mixed with regular paper. The thickness can also be determined by how much you press down the paper and get the excess water out.
  • If you are trying to make your own kit… you’ll need patience. Paper Alice has been doing this for years so she knows what makes for good paper making. I’ll be putting the rest of my kit together today. I am also an artist so I had half of the kit already on hand.
  • You’ll need patience. Period. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I flattened the pulp perfectly, blotted the water out – but for one piece of paper it takes a lot of time. Seriously – the paper making industry… much respect. And also… not….:
  • It takes a lot of energy to make paper whether recycled or not: A LOT of water, labour resources and time. (See facts HERE). Making paper out of recycled paper means you won’t cut down any more trees, but you’ll also spend more energy. It’s made me think twice about all the paper people use, how much we take for granted that recycling will solve everything when it won’t. We need to be mindful of what we use paper for and how much waste is being produced when we do.
  • Now that I can make my own paper, (as mentioned before in a previous post, I won’t be printing any more cards or buying any more paper), nor will I just immediately send scrap paper to recycling. I’ll be making any paper I choose to create into plantable products using seeds so that there really won’t be any waste left behind – just beautiful flowers and food to eat.

making paper_ dream lived greener

how to shave zero waste

20150606_105108 zero waste ottawa shaving tip zero waste

Hi lovelies,

I hope you are all well. I sit here in peaceful quiet on a beautiful Saturday afternoon writing. Some people would be outside enjoying the sun and doing all sorts of crazy things, but let me tell you this: as a Mother of one working from home, I spend a lot of time outside in the sun doing all sorts of crazy things and having one day to spend inside in peace and quiet, alone, writing, is a treat.

Anyway, up there in that picture is my new razor. I ordered in the hopes from Amazon (here) that I would never have to use it because I thought that I could somehow keep using the same, last, disposable razor over and over again. I researched and read reviews of all sorts of razors with a variety of blades and a variety of users all using different ones and while this one had no reviews, I put all my research together and decided if I needed to buy one, I’d buy this one.

It helps that I’m a hairstylist and my scissors are made of Japanese steel. I loved the quality of them and I have a fondness for samurai’s so it made my decision easier.

Anyway, the research also made me panic so I figured I could prolong the inevitable or perhaps I thought… never shave again. I’d be a hairy but free woman, helping the planet… But when my final last disposable razor broke (in the shower) I mustered up the courage to pull out my Classic Samurai, assemble the blade and….


Holy. Shit.

A little water, a little soap,  a lot of caution(I have not bought shaving cream since I was a teenager, although I may make my own that could be used for a man too) and before I knew it I was smooth all over. Yes. ALL OVER. Not one cut. A better shave than any of my little stupid, pink disposables could ever do. And at the end of it, I honestly felt so good. It was like I had taken the time to take care of myself – a rare occurrence which I’m working on making it a daily must.

But seriously, this razor is amazing.

  • It feels solid and is built well.
  • The handle has an amazing grip so I can be all soapy and wet and not have to worry about me losing grip on this bad boy.
  • It’s really easy to assemble.
  • It comes with 5 blades, which you can refill with any standard double edge blade.
  • It comes with a leather travel case. So you can disassemble this, pack the refills in your check out luggage and bring this little guy with you wherever you go.

Why did I not know about this sooner? Oh yeah, duh, the world wants us to buy things that break and that we can throw out so we can spend more money, remember?

The best part is the price. For what I paid for this and the care I put into drying off the metal, cleaning off the blade and putting it away with a somewhat obsessive love, I know this spend was well worth it.

I did ask the seller not to package my item in plastic, but it came in a bubble envelope and a bubble wrap anyway. Maybe you guys could have better luck.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Keep your circle full of love and crafty people

I’ve slowly been telling my little circle of friends that I’m striving to live this zero waste lifestyle and while it’s not for everyone, they definitely support me in my efforts.

So much so, that one of my besties has made me these super cute mesh bags that I will use to shop and store my produce in:



And one of my other girl friends (Lady Arkenstone – Quirky Vintage and Decor) has offered to make me pads. Yup. Those kinds of pads. I’m obviously going to get the Diva Cup, but for the lighter days these will be perfect.

IMG_6182 reusable panty liners ottawa dream love grow dream lived green zero waste

I have another friend who has two children who is also doing zero waste. She’s been DIYing for a while and making her own products like soap and sunscreen and she’s discovered that she can make almost everything so we’ll be DIYing together. Both of us have been thinking about this for years, but now we’ve pumped each other up about striving to live a zero waste lifestyle.

When you’re doing something like this, it’s important to have support and you’re pretty lucky if you not only have a group of crafty people around you but you have the right people around you that will love you no matter what changes you go through.

– Dream Green