1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of zero waste. FYI: I had planned on writing yesterday, but spending time with someone special was well… more important. Anyway. Living zero waste been one of the largest challenges I’ve given myself because let’s face it, it’s hard to stick with something especially when it’s going against the grain.Continue reading “1 YEAR Zero Waste and what I learned”

7 ways Ottawa businesses can be less wasteful or… more like California.

As a Zero Waster I notice when people are producing garbage and I notice when things can be less wasteful. It’s not my fault, it just happens… and even when I am not intending to create guilt, people have this overwhelming guilt flash across their faces when they throw something out in front of me.Continue reading “7 ways Ottawa businesses can be less wasteful or… more like California.”

Canadian plastics get shipped to the Philippines?!

I have a social enterprise called Dream Love Grow and for the last year we have been fundraising, applying for grants and gaining support for a free art and multimedia workshop for low income youth in Ottawa called A.R.T (A Real Thought) In Action. It starts this coming Saturday at the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre andContinue reading “Canadian plastics get shipped to the Philippines?!”